Do all these things by snapping a picture of your receipt

Leverage the data on your receipts . . . and get rid of the clutter!

A pile of receipts can be a mess, but think about all of the great information that's on a shopping receipt. FitFin helps you leverage that information. By simply taking a picture of your receipt with the FitFin app, you can::

  • Store & organize receipts. Search for a receipt by store, date, or even a keyword. Need to find the receipt for the TV you bought? Want to find all receipts with the word bacon on them? You can in just a few seconds!
  • Create expenses automatically and track them against your budget.
  • Break down the individual items you buy, with the price you paid for them. With this data you can:
    • Know where your money goes down to the product level. Need to cut $50 from your budget? See exactly where your money goes (i.e. I had NO IDEA how much I spend on potato chips each month!).
    • Create a shopping list in a matter of seconds. This allows you to use one single app for every store and also gives you an estimate of what you're going to spend, which you can track against your budget for real-time, proactive budgeting.
    • Compare prices for the things you buy at all of the stores where you shop.

FitFin is a simple-to-use tool to help you organize your receipts, your shopping lists, and your finances!

Get rid of the receipt clutter by taking pictures of your receipts and storing them digitally

Get rid of the receipt clutter by taking pictures of your receipts and storing them digitally

FitFin Highlights

Manage Your Money

Envelope-style budgeting tool

Track spending by taking pictures of your receipts. Green, yellow, and red bars guide you. Also see how you compare to the 50/30/20 rule of budgeting.

Search Receipts

Search receipts by date, store name, dollar amount, or keyword (i.e. milk, bacon, etc.)

Find your receipts by store name, date, 

amount, and even by a specific item name 

on a receipt! No more paper clutter!

Store & Organize Receipts

Sort receipts in your list by store name, date and amount.

Store your receipts digitally and sort the 

results by store name, date, and amount.

Know Where Money Goes

See how much you spend on each product, like coffee, milk, etc. from any and all stores you shop at.

See how many times you've bought a 

product and how much you've spent on it. This 

can help you make informed decisions.

Spend-predictive Lists

Spend-predictive shopping lists tell you what you're going to spend before you shop.

Items from past receipts can populate into your shopping lists, including their price, so you can predict spending before you shop.

Multiple Shopping Lists

Keep shopping lists from every store in one place. All lists look and function the exact same way.

Keep lists for every store and even put 

items from different stores onto one list. 

Every list looks and functions the same!